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Hi, I'm Michelle Vigil. 


I'm so happy that you've found your way here. As a registered nurse of more than a decade, I've come to realize that nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing. 


After caring for thousands of patients suffering from conditions that were mostly preventable (myself included), I decided to transform my nursing practice to be far more in alignment with what I know to be true:


The WORLD is missing out on people who do not feely fully well. The Human Family benefits when we rise to our potential and choose to create health through empowered informed choices!

Wellness is something that you can obtain at any stage of your life, regardless of whether you are sick or not. Regardless of what diagnosis or condition you have. YOU deserve to live well and thrive. 

If you have any questions, email me anytime:


Click on the photo for a link to my favorite yoga website!

Meet Your Coach
   Michelle Vigil, BSN, RN-BC, NC-BC

Night Shifter

Worked 12 years night shift on a trauma-surgical-orthopedic unit in Southeast L.A. I loved working with my team and serving my patients. During this time, I got my BSN and became board-certified as medical-surgical RN (RN-BC). It was here that I observed the expansive spectrum the Human Experience has to offer. Every Single Day is a Gift.

Mobile IV RN

Whether you are Coaching or Hydrating with me, you will make progress. Taking proactive steps towards your health and wellbeing should be Simple. One thing at a time. Low and slow always.


I am a mom to an incredible being and I consider her my Best Teacher. I wouldn't change a thing as we continue to learn and grow in love together.

Lil Helper

I am a lover of life & being present with my client (and sometimes their dog too)!


I got board certified in Nurse Coaching (NC-BC) because Life is more than "losing weight and paying bills". The World is missing out on people who don't feel fully well. The Human Family benefits when people rise to their full potential!!


In addition to being your Health & Wellness Coach, I also work as a Mobile IV Nurse- traveling all around Southern California to administer hydration, vitamins and minerals to clients. I love meeting people where they are and honored to be their nurse as they take proactive steps to treat their body.

Lil Helper

Love my Lil' Nurse Helpers!

My Loves

I love my family. A tribe of 5 talented, smart and fun beings. Navigating life in today's world is nothing I could have ever planned for. I am forever grateful.

Sedona Yoga

I could barely peel my body off the mat when I first started yoga. So, I Only focused on slow, mindful breathing and skipped exercises in child pose instead. Do what you can. Meet yourself with love and humor. Often times, showing up is the hardest part... Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest, digest & heal. Daily practice will naturally increase your body's ability to recover from stressful events off the mat.


I have a wonderful partner and together we have a tribe of 5- including our 3 adult children. We have grown together over the years and continue to learn and grow in love.

Side Crow

I have had my share of weight gain, prescriptions, racing thoughts, anxiety etc. as a result of stress, lack of sleep (shift work), poor-nutrient foods and poor lifestyle choices! Functional Medicine approach empowered me to create health! Start with a beginner's mind and a deep breath! The body is self-healing if we give it better information to work optimally!

Yoga Kitty

Yoga has become a non-negotiable part of my daily wellbeing. It has helped me reset my nervous system and taught me to consciously breathe through each moment- both off and on the mat.


Each day is a fresh new start.

Moving Forward

I love to learn. I am currently enrolled at The School of Applied Functional Medicine with the intention to become a practitioner of Functional Medicine. Western Medicine has given me a unique perspective that has driven me to dig deeper and find root problems of diagnosis. Functional and Holistic Medicine has allowed me to expand how I serve my patients.

Fred & Bella

I am forever a lover of animals and nature. This is our duck Freddy and our now angel Bella. Animals live in true presence and unconditional love. Pure love!

Yoga Nurse

I will always be a student of yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to reset and calm the nervous system. A short mindful practice daily will change your life.

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