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Nurse Coaches: The Missing Link

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Nurse coaches are forward-thinking registered nurses who are passionate about expanding and improving healthcare.

We work as a catalyst to inspire change in your life, the way you envision it. We listen and hold space for the entire person- mind-body-spirit-environment-relationships-community—all of it. Not just the label you have been assigned, your diagnosis, your disease, your problem. You see? You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed.

It makes sense. Consumers are disoriented and our healthcare is chaotic.

The general population is submerged in obstacles beyond our control-- it can be confusing to know how to begin to make the necessary changes to prevent or reverse disease without any guidance.

It’s a bit strange to live in a reality where the television suggests medications I should ask my doctor about. This is not normal. We have all seen the commercials: the sad, gloomy American (that supposedly represents us) needs medications to feel better- “just ask your doctor today!”. There are even prescriptions advertised for mental illnesses (mental illness does not exist in some countries-- we get advertisements for it). There is unlimited budgeting for pharmaceutical and big food marketing here in America and in New Zealand only. Disease is not an insufficiency of prescription drugs!!!

Equally disturbing, we live in a reality that supplies an endless stream of advertising for food-like substances, created in a laboratory- complete with known carcinogens, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, emulsifiers and preservatives that damage our human physiology. Misleading food labels are created to distract the consumers on purpose! We are being sold foods that are not compatible with our human physiology!!!

What a strange reality: one group of humans creating food-like substances (that is not compatible with our physiology), slaps on a colorful misleading label and sells it to other humans- all in the name of profit.

The money-driven corporations birthed a culture of people that subconsciously believe there’s a pill for everything. We are born into this culture- “a pill for the ill”. I have done it myself!! Nurses see it every shift when they pass medications. Most patients will take medications with no questions asked, and many take medications for years without knowing what or why they are taking it. Some patients depend on pills for healthcare and blame doctors when they do not work. It is important to understand Western medicine was never intended for chronic illness and the majority of medications were not designed for lifelong use. We can do better. We must do better than this.

Patients have always joked about wanting to take the nurses home with them- to ensure they continue getting proper care and looked after….

Well, now you can. A professional transformative nurse coach IS the nurse you can “take home” with you. Technology has given us the ability to bring nursing to you: to educate, inspire and empower you- in the comfort of your home-to create a plan to reach your goals. You deserve to live vibrantly!! For motivated individuals, ready for change, the weekly sessions provide the accountability needed to create wellness. This is the missing link of true health care!! Patients taking back their power and reclaiming ownership of their wellbeing.

You and your body are unique. It is about time your health care is too.

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