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“Michelle is wonderful, and I believe truly meant to be a nurse coach! She is “the full package”! I am so glad she followed up and worked with me, despite having issues with internet and getting connected at first! I have been a nurse for 27 years and have studied many different types of health modalities. I was interested in what nurse coaching was about and she responded for me to try it out! I do not believe in accidents. Michelle gave me more than information about nurse coaching, she guided me in turning my life around. I wasn’t happy in the environment I was in and didn’t realize how much I allowed it to affect my mental state. Michelle helped me gain clarity and grounding. She also gave me wonderful tips on how to adapt to my living environment more comfortably until I find a new home. Her energy was the push I needed to live a more fulfilled life. Thank you!!”- C. K.

“Out of this world experience! I looked forward to every session after the first. I felt understood and hopeful - two emotions that would soon replace my negative feelings. Most importantly, I felt cared and listened to. As a nurse, being able to explain my situation to another nurse made my sessions easier as well. Amazingly, my therapy was focused on myself as a whole, not just a nurse. I’ve developed different avenues to help cope with anything that might disrupt my center. I myself am a powerful tool, I control my day - things that I’ve realized. I was able to shift my thoughts into actions and really put myself out there. I have opened doors for myself and not limit myself!”

Wellness practices have definitely been a theme in my sessions. I took a liking to meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, essential oils. I wasn’t just looking at these practices from afar anymore and honed in energy to practice and learn about them myself. Some of them were recommended by my coach, others I myself brought into conversation. It felt like a team effort, like it wasn’t just therapy to do what I’m told. But also my own interests. “

 -Kirsten Fabinal BSN, RN, age 29

  Crystal Jewelry Small Business Owner


“Michelle is an experienced nurse who empathizes and connects deeply to the people she works with. As a coach she is able to share education about disease processes and evidence-based methods for working with illnesses. She has a deep understanding of the challenges of being a parent and is able to share her experience and expertise. The advocacy and support she can give to struggling parents is incredible.

Michelle lives a life reflective of her passion for nurse coaching, yoga, family, and caring for others. 

I would recommend Michelle's services to anyone with a chronic illness, anyone struggling with a new mental health diagnosis for their child, and anyone wanting to set goals and make positive change in their life.” -Darcie Ziel

 “I was feeling increased stress from work and needed assistance re-grounding and centering myself back into my purpose. Michelle’s upbeat and excited personality was very refreshing and helped me to see the more positive side of things. She was able to help me center with visualization exercises that left me refreshed and relaxed. While in this space I was able to give myself space to fail and to continue to grow. She has valuable insights that assisted me with seeing the more positive possibilities. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with learning how to chill-ax.” – Bretta Perry, RN


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.” Jess, age 46

“Michelle helped and inspired me to educate myself on the different mindfulness methods and tools. Speaking with Michelle was stress free and inspiring.  She has so much knowledge regarding mindfulness and mental health. Thank You for all of the Mondays we worked collectively together.”  Nancy McCall, BSN, RN


"I had gone through a personal and professional upheaval for last 2 years, a very stressful time in my life that weighed me down heavily. I needed to find myself again, find a way to become the happy person I used to be.  


While being coached by Michelle, among other points, she strongly encouraged meditation for me on a regular basis and she helped me determine what type of meditation was best. She also gave me the confidence to reconnect with an old driving force in my life, my acupuncturist.  It was Michelle’s belief that restarting a conversation with him could lead to creating the missing link that I needed for more healing.  It was wonderful to hear his voice and he even invited me to visit with him at his home. 


After connecting in person just once, I felt stronger, more alive and had real hope for the future. Michelle listened to my story and new what I needed to do.  This small step allowed me to clear much bigger obstacles, leading me to create my new passion in life.


Michelle is sweet, kind, perceptive, honest, has conviction and is passionate in her pursuit as a Nurse Coach, helping others become the best that they can be.  She has innate skills to bring positive behavioral change in any person with conviction to do so.  


I recommend Michelle to anyone who seeking help to create long lasting lifestyle behaviors, including health, wellbeing, depression, anxiety and other life struggles."

Barbi Buckles RN

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